Together We Can

Manjushree Bridashram

“It’s been a long journey with my elderly family,” says Manju didi. “I can’t live without my Aamas, and Aamas can’t live without me.”

Cheerful and witty, Manju didi is the founder of Manjushree Bridashram (elderly home for women). With a big smile on her face, she says, “I’m happy with my work and what I’ve achieved. I started with five and now have a total of 13 women in the home.” The home shelters women who may lack support from their families, live on the streets, and have been reported by organizations and police stations.

Stories from the East: Itahari

“The lockdown affected my family a lot. We didn’t have a source of income; how are we supposed to get through this?” shared a local woman from Itahari.

“We ran out of food and tried to talk to officials so we could get the government provided emergency food. Unfortunately, the government didn’t provide adequate packages, and some of our friends didn’t receive them.”

Mardi News features Grow's efforts

Bal Kumar Gurung from Bhaisigauda, to coordinate a food relief program for at-risk families. With quick action, in less than a week, the program was able to distribute food supplies to 47 families.

Grow in Battisputali - Food Relief

Lockdown in Nepal caused havoc for people throughout the country, Kathmandu was no different. Economic shutdown of the country began on March 24. The shutdown resulted in shops being closed and movement completely restricted.

Food Relief with Blue Diamond Society

Blue Diamond Society and Grow worked together during the economic lockdown. The collaboration was conducted to provide food relief packages to the LGBTIQ+ community in Kathmandu.

Engage and Grow - Food Relief

Food security means knowing where your next meal is coming from. Not having to worry about your next meal means less stress, better mental health, and a guarantee that you will not have to go hungry.