Together we can: be Resilient

Millions of people around the world are threatened with the consequences of natural disasters and armed conflict. Nepal has historically been affected by earthquakes, flooding, drought and violence. During these events infrastructure is often heavily damaged, while the population suffers from a lack of food, shelter, medical care and future prospects. Many live in poverty, or find themselves forced from their homes to live as refugees, or are forced to be displaced within their own country.

Our approach is tailored to the needs of the affected populations of Nepal, and the provisioned aid is according to internationally recognized standards, as well as through a nonpartisan, unbiased and is neutral of any religious influence.

During the acute phase of emergencies, Grow takes advantage of opportunities to work directly with in need populations to enquire about their needs and consult with them in order to develop their ideas for rebuilding their community, while simultaneously developing plans for the future. Through this needs analysis and in partnership with locals, we develop and work with locals to provision their desired programs for restoration of lives and livelihoods.

We worked to feed daily wage earners and other at risk communities during the COVID-19 induced lockdown in Nepal. The lockdown resulted in three out of five individuals loosing their jobs, significantly putting them at risk of food insecurity.

  • 269 families provided with food

  • 792 total individuals reached

  • Collaborated with two organizations

  • Four districts reached

  • 65% of recipients being from marginalized communities

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