Grow's COVId-19 Response: Project Bagmati

Project Bagmati

Grow conducted emergency food relief distributions for daily wage earners and other at-risk communities during the COVID-19 induced lockdown in Nepal. The lockdown was for three months, beginning in March. The lockdown resulted in three out of five individuals losing their jobs, significantly putting them at risk of food insecurity.

Thank You!

Grow raised roughly $3,000, coming short of the $5,000 goal. The money raised result in over 750 people being provided food during the lockdown in Nepal making a huge difference in their lives!

Grow would like to thank everyone that helped in this initiative and donated to this cause! With your help we were able to make a difference in the lives of many by providing them with 10kg rice; 1L sunflower oil; one bar of soap; 1kg bag lentils; 1kg bag of salt.

Project Bagmati

Small acts when multiplied results in big impacts. Thank you for making a difference.


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