ICD - Integrated Community Development

ICD - Integrated Community Development

The program will have two focal points for integrated community development in Lakhnawar, Kohalpur. Both tracks of intervention have been chosen by community members and will use and build upon skill sets they already have. Additionally, to encourage sustainable development and continuous management of the project, the project management team will utilize a local school in the area and their human capital to work in the village. The two interventions to be focused upon as well as the common activities across both interventions can be seen in their respective sectors below.

Bee Farming - Honey Production

Honey production has proven to be a valuable source of income for Nepalis, whereas it is a low investment and low input business enterprise with immediate return. A value chain analysis conducted, found that Apis cerana, the main bee used for honey production in Nepal was a major contributor to household income. On average, households in a local district had 32 hives and on average earned an income of NPR 60,000 (USD 545) per annum.

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Traditional Handicrafts

Local women in Lekhnawar also harvest thatch grass to produce woven handicrafts for domestic use. The production of these goods has also been commercialized and are finding success domestically at hotels, restaurants and at homes, as well as internationally, in countries like the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

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