Engage and Grow - Food Relief

Emergency Food Program in Kathmandu

Food security means knowing where your next meal is coming from. Not having to worry about your next meal means less stress, better mental health, and a guarantee that you will not have to go hungry.

Grow worked with Engage to ensure that persons with disabilities didn’t have to experience food insecurity during the country wide lockdown in Nepal. People with disabilities face various challenges in Nepal, due to a lack of representation, access to employment opportunities, and difficulties in mobility due to improper infrastructure.

Access to employment opportunities before the pandemic in Nepal was difficult enough. The lockdown multiplied the difficulties ten fold for people with disabilities. Difficulties finding employment, also meant difficulty in procuring food. Grow focused on Project Bagmati’s slogan of ‘Together We Can: Eat” and provided 36 people and their families with food supplies to last them one month. The food packages consisted of rice, lentils, oil, salt and soap.